Dummy content for the purpose of this guide means all the content - widgets, sidebars, text, images, videos from the theme's live demo.

By importing the dummy content you will closely recreate the Live Demo website. 

We have Quick import feature.


This is a great feature that helps novice WordPress users  and veterans alike. This feature makes the necessary  settings/configurations and installs demo content in the WordPress  theme: categories, pages, posts and widgets.

Your VamTam theme will look exactly like the one you see on  our live preview . It doesn't matter if you know WordPress inside out or seen it for the first time, it's always easier to modify posts,  categories, pages and widgets that are already there rather than  creating them from scratch. Moreover it is easier to understand how your new VamTam theme works.

Widgets, content and Slider demo slides can be imported separately. 


Our Quick Import is a tremendous feature that will save you a lot of frustration and headache at a press of a button.