Remove the ornaments

The ornaments visible on top/bottom of the columns can be enabled / disabled in the column's settings panel via the Vamtam Drag & Drop editor:

Step 1. Open the page's Vamtam Drag & Drop editor, locate the column and click on the pencil icon for edit the column's settings:

You can check this guide if necessary: Guide to VamTam Drag and Drop Builder / Visual Composer VIP Restaurant Wordpress Theme

Step 2. Open the Column Ornaments drop-down menu and select the option you desire.

If you'd like to disable the Column Ornaments, open the drop-down menu and select None.

Edit the ornaments

These ornaments are SVG files, but editing them is a bit more complicated than simply opening them in an SVG editor. For this reason, I'd suggest that you start with a brand new SVG file. Once you've created new paths with your editor of choice, then export them to SVG.

The two ornaments we use are and view-source:

Notice how both files have a mask#mask inside the definitions which contains exactly the same paths as the group below the mask element. This is because Firefox uses the mask, whereas Chrome uses the group below. Neither browser implements the full standard, so we're stuck with repeating this twice.

Open the SVG you created in a text editor and copy its paths, then paste them in ornament-top.svg (or ornament-bottom.svg, depending on which one you want to change). Make sure that you also edit the width, height and viewBox attributes.

Finally, upload the result to your server and add the following to Customize/Additional CSS:

.vamtam-add-ornaments-top::before {
    width: 156px;
    height: 31px;
    content: url( path to your new "top" ornament );

.vamtam-add-ornaments-bottom::after {
    width: 156px;
    height: 31px;
    content: url( path to your new "bottom" ornament );

Adjust the width, height and URL parts accordingly.